Thứ tư,28/01/2015

It is worth to mention that the development of Da Nang’s public transportation system is especially significant to achieve the goal of a worth-living city for people and friendly city for tourists along with to expose the beauty of Vietnam’s culture. On the 19th of November 2013, Da Nang’s people committee issued Decision no. 8087/QD-UBND approving the public bus Master Plan in Da Nang from 2013 to 2020 and vision to 2030 with the following primary contents:

1. General Goals:
To develop Da Nang’s public bus system from 2015 to 2020 with a vision to 2030 in order to effectively reduce traffic congestion and traffic accidents in the city.

2. Detailed Objectives:
The Decision No. 8087/QD-UBND issued on November 19th 2013 by Da Nang People Committee states the specific objectives for public transportation as follows:
- Public Transportation accounts for 15% of all trips in Da Nang by 2020, therein Public Bus and Bus Rapid Transit account for 9% and 3% of all trip, respectively;
- Restraining traffic accidents and improve traffic safety;
- Reducing Gasoline consumption and emission from general transport system as well as from public transport system to protect the environment and livability of the city.
- Promoting the economic development of Da Nang and central key economic region.

3. Development goals:

The strategic development objectives for Da Nang’s transportation and relating approaches are mentioned below:

  • Objective 1: perfecting and advancing existing transport network, focusing on environmentally friendly public transport system.
  • Objective 2:perfecting public transport system, applying advanced traffic management practice.
  • Objective 3:improving capacity of the transport system.
  • Objective 4: reducing ineffective and unnecessary trips.
  • Objective 5: affecting travel habits.
  • Objective 6:developing a package of policies on reducing congestion and emission.

4. Viewpoints on developing Da Nang’s public transport:

The target of being a modern and Grade I city at national levelmakes developing effective public transport be crucial strategy for an efficient urban transport system. Da Nang’s public transport is developed based on following points:

Public transit must become the main means of transport for Da Nang’s citizens.

Stability and development: ensure thatexisting maximum number of passengers maintains; and extend service area. Although the development of public transport is based on resources from many sectors of the economy in the form of public-private partnership, public funding remains fundamental. Therein, public budget is primarily used for investing on facilities, providing subsidies and supporting new bus routes to ensure effectiveness and sustainable development.

Multiservice: design public transport network which can provide effective exploitation existing facilities and delivers different choices of traveling in inner city and in between regions in order to diminish the use of private transport in long distance journeys.

Maximizing the use of existing infrastructure: transport routes must be compatible with traffic characteristics, land usage, population distribution and different zones of the city to reduce travel time and to facilitate the ease of transit.

Guarantee minor adjustments in current bus routes to ensure that number of passengers being affected staysminimal.

Public transport system must be in line with public demands: in other words, public transit in dense places with higher demand must have higher frequency, comparing to adjoining areas.

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