Thứ tư,28/01/2015

Da Nang traffic lights and Public Transport Management Centre (DATRAMAC) was established based on a decision of Da Nang’s People Committeeno. 11192/QD-UBND on 28th of December 2011.

The management system of DATRAMAC can be explained below:


Main functions:

  • Operating, managing and maintaininga regular traffic signal system;
  • Operating and managing public transport system;
  • Organizing services of activities relating to traffic signal system and public transport system.


  • Regulating the planning for public traffic light and public transport system; researching for the application of ManagingSmart Traffic;
  • Giving advices on policies for developing public traffic light and public transport system;
  • Regulating propagation and giving guidance on traffic safety and public transport.
  • Managing the traffic signal system and relating infrastructures; regulating regular maintenance to ensure stable and efficient operation.
  • Organizing the process of management, supervision, and operation of public transportation system;
  • Managing, utilizing and maintaining the operation and the development of the public transport system;
  • Organizing the utilization of services relating to the system of traffic light and public transport.
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