Picked up in early spring about VIP bus, affordable price of Danang

Thứ hai,20/02/2017

Picked Up In Early Spring About VIP Bus, Affordable Price Of Danang

At 5:30 am, from the bus station on Pham Hung Street, I got onto the bus No. 7. At this time, in the car, besides the driver, the car attendant was the only guest. I was greeted very friendly, enthusiastic, polite. My first impression when stepping on the car was the cool air, the smell of new car seats with very clean, the melodious music on the car to share the small voice of her staff: "Time These bus routes depart from 5 to 21 hours daily, with a frequency of 10 minutes per hour at peak hours and 20 minutes per hour at other times. Ticket price is 5,000 VND / time; Monthly ticket for passengers is 45,000 VND / month and no priority is 90,000 VND / month.

At the first stop there was another passenger on the bus and also very welcome. The two of us easily talked to each other. Know your name is Tuan, go to the focal point of the wife sales ... The story between the two passengers and staff on the bus only revolves around the topic of subsidized bus routes and other old bus routes. available in Danang. In the same mood and feel as me about the advantages of these new bus routes, Tuan commented: "This is really the policy of the leaders of Danang Party Committee and Danang People's Committee in developing. Public transport by bus to meet the increasing demand of people, contributing to reduce traffic pollution, environmental pollution, reduce travel costs, civilization and modern in the eyes of the people. traveler.

The story was interrupted by two passengers standing on the sidewalk of the August Revolution Road waving to pick up passengers. Even though the car has plenty of space, the driver still does not stop for guests. When we were surprised, the garage staff explained that the passengers were picking up their cars at the wrong stops. Mr. Tuan wondered: "Why did I ride a yellow bus on the Tam Ky-Da Nang route in the inner city, and see the passengers not picking up at the bus stop, but they stopped quickly for the passengers?"

After this question, I suddenly remembered in the memories of motorcycle trips and witnessed the Da Nang-Phu Da, Da Nang-Tam Ky bus ... accompanied by chills, . It is true that these buses run at tremendous speeds, speeding over and overtaking, invading the entire lane in the opposite direction, seeing the pickup is ready to pull the car to the edge is very dangerous for the means of circulation in front; Even when the car runs into the crowded inner city but still hurts the horn ... I continue to ask why the distance bus stops are too long but only welcome guests at the bus stop is very few new guests. get on the bus? While the stops are not waiting for the car stopped stopping time people on the car? The subsidized bus lines of the city are too short, for example Xuan Dieu - Metro - Pham Hung bus stop at the station located between Cam Le bridge and Mong Bong market without moving the wharf or the car. Bong market to welcome guests? There are many students, students, workers need to pick up motorbike taxi to Pham Hung Bus station to take bus ...?

Before this series of questions, our staff can only transfer to the Director of the City Department of Transportation responded only! It is thought that the authorities should regularly check and monitor the routes and buses outside the province so that the policies and policies of the city reach the people, help avoid congestion, minimize traffic and the cell. environmental pollution.


It is known that many students, after experiencing these new bus routes, have posted positive and constructive feedback on social networking. This prompts the participation of traffic officers of administrative agencies, people's committees of districts, police units, public service delivery agencies; cadres and civil servants being teachers; Students and students participate in daily traffic by bus.


After the Da Nang People's Committee asked to promote publicity, mass communication system public transport by bus to the people, recently, the Traffic Safety Committee also send a letter to the departments, public servants and employees to work on buses to contribute to building the policy of implementing the culture and urban civilization in the area.

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