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Thứ năm,04/05/2017

Super Unique Bus Station From Around the World

Waiting for a bus is a "dead" time that no one likes. But, with unlimited creativity, architects have "conceived" and launched the super-bus stop that we have to gasp amazing and excited. Let's go to Danangbus to see some of the stylish accommodations

1. "Fruit bus station" in Japan

The lovely bus station, shaped like a variety of delicious fruits: strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, can be found on the streets of Konagai town (Kitatakaki district, Nagasaki city).  The idea was made 27 years ago, not only to help the bureaucracy, but also to encourage people to use public transport to protect the environment and reduce traffic.

2. Bus station as living room but 70's in Australia

Earlier this year, people on bus number 546 in Melbourne, Australia, were not surprised to see the regular bus stop after a night suddenly turned back into a living room in the 1970s with a brown sofa. , curtain pulling windows and classic design wallpaper. Surprise will also multiply if you know that all the items to design this bus station are old things are re-used in a skillful way.

3. "Bus Library" in Turkey

The people of Istanbul can make the most of their free time while waiting for the bus to enjoy reading. Built in 2014, these "bus libraries" change book titles twice a week so readers can always read new, interesting books. Bus passengers can read books at the bus stop or take them anywhere, but must return to a "bus library".

4. Air-conditioned bus station in USA

While many bus stops have been installed in the North of the United States to warm up passengers waiting for buses in the cold winter weather, the state of Floria has the first bus station Air has been "opened" at the Hialeah Metrorail station. This cool bus terminal has space for 4 people and 11 people. It would be nice if Danang had such bus stops in the summer too!

5. Swing Station in England

Do you want a ticket to go to childhood? In the heart of London's busy, pressure and rush, you can enjoy a little fun while waiting for the bus and swinging like a baby on this cute swing. Of course, be careful to avoid hitting the pedestrian behind.

You have a strange design, unique to the bus station in Danang city, please share with Danangbus offline.

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