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For a long time, buses were inherently a familiar means of transport. However, the number of bus passengers is still small. People still use motorbikes rather than using public transport. But do you know that riding by bus will bring you countless benefits. Today, let's explore the interesting benefits that the bus brings:

1. Cost savings

If you use personal vehicles such as motorbikes, cars you have to spend as much as fuel, parking, repair. At the same time, the Danabus subsidized bus, you only cost 5,000 VND /turn/passengar, priority month rider: 45.000 Vnd/month, normal month rider: 90.000 Vnd/ month. As for the TMF, you will be entitled to free travel within 1 year from 30 June 2017

2. Limit stress when you have to drive the car

After school hours and stressful work, having to sit in the car to control yourself will put you tense and stressful. Why do not you choose to take the bus, to help you have time to relax your mind. Sit on the car to feel the rush of life around, without having to bother about things around.

3. Safety for yourself

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, traffic accidents for motorcyclists account for more than 70% of road traffic accidents. Studies also show that in motorized vehicles, motorists are most affected by air pollution and the busiest is air pollution. Buses are considered as one of the top safety transport vehicles. The quality of Danabus vehicles has been regularly checked and the drivers, drivers are trained and trained monthly to ensure the quality of service and safety for customers.

4. Environmental protection

At present, environmental issues and addressing environmental pollution are an urgent issue of our worlds, and Vietnam is among them. The enormous amount of motorbikes is becoming a pile of industrial waste that seriously affects the environment. About 70-90% of all urban emissions in major cities are responsible for respiratory diseases, including motor vehicle emissions, according to a recent environmental report. The bus ride means you are contributing to reducing the amount of dust in the air. At the same time, we will also avoid the negative effects of smoke, dust and environmental pollution on our health.

5. Limit outside weather impacts

With the Danabus bus system, you can avoid outside weather impacts such as rain, dust, puddles in the rainy season or summer heat. You are completely protected by transparent glass. Of course you do not have to rush over the rain, skilfully avoid the puddle of dirty water or cover the body like Ninja with the sunscreen as cumbersome as before.

6. Reduce traffic jams

The explosion of private vehicles, overloaded urban infrastructure, and frequent traffic jams are common problems of large urban centers, where urbanization and high economic growth are high. Traffic congestion has consequences and implications for urban life. The first is damage caused by waste of time and fuel. Second, affect the individual and family of the people. In many strategies and solutions to combat traffic congestion, the use of public transport such as buses, limited personal transport is considered a top choice due to its superiority.

7. Have more time to chat with friends

The downside of the bus is that it is slower than personal vehicles because it has to follow fixed routes. But there is also the opportunity to extend the story with your friends. On motorbikes, of course, it is not safe for the driver because they are distracted by the focus on listening and answering your questions. The most important and simplest is You can move to any place you want without worrying about traffic police checks or steering horn whistling for unwanted errors. Time on the bus is one of the great opportunities for you to easily get in touch with and talk to people.


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